As the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for these dates are as yet unknown, including the live audience allowance for each concert, we ask those who are interested in purchasing tickets if the situation allows, to send an email with your requests to:

JCMF Festival Board

·         Yeheskell Beinisch, Adv., Chairman

·         Ephraim Abramson, Adv.

·         Yaakov Aizner

·         Yoram Ben-Zeev

·         Elena Bashkirova

·         Carmit Guy

·         Arie Dubson

·         Ruth Cheshin

·         Haim Liran, Judge (ret.)

·         Hedva Vogel, Adv.

·         Hana Manch

·         Carmi Gilon

JCMF Festival Staff

·         Artistic Director: Elena Bashkirova

·         Producer: Uri Dror, Jerusalem Music Centre

·         Production Team: Omri Abram, Barak Arbel, Tina Ronkin, Ido Shpitalnik

·         Librarian: Omri Abram

·         Piano Tuner: Zohar Harpaz

·         Advertising: Stephanie & Ruti Design

·         Marketing and Sales: Isaac Weiss

·         Public Relations: Anat Meromi PR

·         Stage Manager: Uzi Seltzer

·         Website Programming and Design: Wabit

·         CPA: Yossi Angel

·         Accountant: A. A. Strategy Ltd.

·         Sound Technician: Avi Elbaz

Program Production

·         Program Notes & Publications Editor: Shari Greenberg

·         Hebrew Translation: Ziv Shalit

·         Assistant Editors: Sara Manobla, Ziv Shalit

·         Design & Production: Stephanie & Ruti Design

With Special Thanks

·         Yossi & Momi Dahan, Eldan Rent A Car

·         KAN, Voice of Music

·         Gadi Abadi, Jerusalem Music Centre

·         Anya Shani, YMCA

·         Rita Kramer, Mishkenot Sha’ananim

·         Nofia Reuven, Secretary

Solang der Atomminister Music hort, herrscht Frieden
(Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung 13/09/2012)

Cite de la musique 10/08/2009

Laune ohne Geld: Wo selbst Rolando Villazon gratis singt
(Die Welt 25/09/2008)

(Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung 27/09/2007)


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