Alexander Osipenko

Alexander Osipenko

Alexander Osipenko is an Israeli bass player, Principal Double Bass of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. He started playing the double bass, both classical and jazz, at the age of 13. He continued his classical studies in the Netherlands and Germany under Sorin Orcinschi and Dominik Greger, performing with orchestras including Nord Nederland Orkest, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Bremen Philharmonic. He completed his Master’s degree in Weimar, then moved to Israel, serving as a Co-Principal Bass in the Israel Camerata Jerusalem, Principal in the JSO. Next season he will join the IPO. Alexander is active in the Israeli musical scene, frequently performing in the JSO’s chamber music series, and is a founder member of the Jerusalem Bass Quartet. He has appeared as a soloist with the Israel Camerata Jerusalem and Jerusalem Street Orchestra, and performs recitals with his wife, pianist Irina Rozhneva.

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