Project Description

The Tel Aviv Wind Quintet

Roy Amotz flute Yigal Kaminka oboe Danny Erdman clarinet Nadav Cohen bassoon Itamar Leshem horn

The Tel Aviv Wind Quintet, founded in 2009, aims to bring the wonderful woodwind repertoire and newly commissioned works to a wider audience. Currently the Quintet gives more than twenty concerts each season in Israel’s leading venues, together with educational activities and workshops in prestigious venues throughout Israel. In June the Quintet performed in Switzerland, its first international tour abroad. The Quintet was awarded the Eilam Prize (2011) for Israeli performers, together with grants from the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Haifa Arts Foundation and the Mifal HaPayis Council for Culture and Arts. The group performs and records music by leading Israeli composers of both the younger and older generations. Its debut album was released in 2016, and another CD, with pianist Yaron Kohlberg, will be released this year.